Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dark and Stormy

If I can keep a certain gray and furry purrson off the laptop long enough, there will be a few words here this dark, windy, rainy, stormy morning. Oh, I do love these kinds of weekends. Not that I don't love clear sunny days, too. But I love the cocooning feeling of being with LM and Ms G to ride out a storm.  There are some beautiful colors in the trees and bushes outside the windows, and there is already a delicious beef stew made to enjoy later. We'll be watching a few movies this afternoon as we say hello to November.  The month of humble and delicious Thanksgiving.

NOTICE:  This missive is now being edited by gray paws.....=^..^=

For the first time in a few weeks, I feel well!  My energy is most of the way back, bringing me a great feeling of relief. Now, if I could just jump on to my magic carpet and be flown over Feb and March 2015, I would be free of knee pain and falling, and be ready to take on the world with more vigor.  Alas, it is one of those experiences I must take on to be appreciative of modern science and my own inner fortitude.

My editor is becoming very pushy and demanding ownership of laptop space so I'll be off. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, safety if you are in the eye of this storm, and a win for the Patriots.
Back to reading Graham Nash's autobiography, "Wild Tales" interesting.

Love and peace.......and a glimpse of one of  Mother Nature's artful creations

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Judy said...

You need to feel strong and well before you go in for your surgery. Then---by next June, you are probably going to be dancing a jig while you walk Teddy to the bus stop!! I cannot believe how well I get along with my two hip replacements!!