Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Catch-up

It's a dark, cold and cuddly-happy Sunday afternoon at Chez Ms G and LM.  Some cleaning has been done, Ms G has been helping and entertaining, and some lasagne awaits us for dinner.  All too soon, I will be headed back to "home" at Teddy's house. Since moving there after retirement, my life is completely changed and happy in ways I have never known could be, even though, I still look forward to my weekends with keen anticipation, so that I can be wrapped in the love of LM and Ms G, once again.

These past months have not been easy on my health, and now I am in the race of my life to get my thyroid levels and resulting blood pressure issues, under control. If the BP doesn't come down, I cannot have my scheduled knee replacement on 2/2/15.   I have gone through a plethora of meds and began a new regimen yesterday that does not make me feel very well. We have 3 weeks to see if it will work. Meanwhile, I have some serious arthritis pain limiting walking and endurance. Both feet are not happy and both hands, as well. This all prevents me from sleeping, and I lay there knowing morning is going to come quickly, with Teddy in need of my help to be ready for the bus.  The pain works on my morale and leaves me in tears, at times. I just keep going the best I can and remember my Mum and how she suffered with the same pains, and mysteriously, one day, it all stopped and never came back. We have no idea why that happened. I am ready for my genetic disposition to arrive.

In other news, yesterday LM and I shopped for new window treatments and really found some great things at Christmas Tree Shop.....his living and dining room curtains were shot. We had great fun finding what we wanted and then went on a beautiful ride through the back roads of Plymouth and Carver to admire the cranberry bogs in all their crimson Fall glory.  After a nice seafood dinner, we came home and installed all the new curtains. Looks so fresh and it was fun to do it together.

Back at my other home with Jason, Alison and Teddy, last week found us witnessing the clear cutting of the beautiful, heavily wooded lot next door. New neighbors are coming!  I have too admit, though, that it was so painful to see the trees, many white birch, fall to the ground. The steep shape of the lot didn't allow for any trees to be saved, as a lot of excavation must take place before a foundation can be installed.  I admit to a few tears and days of grief over this event. There were so many little animals fleeing from the giant machines...and to lose an acre of birches was so sad. We still have some in our back yard. We had been warned by the builder that the clearing would take place so Teddy was in prime viewing position when the huge machines arrived at 6:30 am.

 The roar of the machines working brought that gleeful smile, although he shows it to me often for nicer reasons.
 He was sitting out there in light rain, too, but it mattered not a bit.
 A bee-line was made for the back deck when the workers headed to the top of the hill.

 We so hoped that the big oak in the foreground would not fall.

 Taking down the birches at the top of the hill.....

The oak finally lost its spot......we are promised that the new neighbors will be doing some lovely landscaping.

So now the lot has been left alone for the past week. We are waiting for the big excavation to happen.  

I hope you all are looking forward to a lovely Thanksgiving and time of gratitude spent with loved ones.  Sending you wishes for peace and love!!!

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Judy said...

Yes--I hate to see destruction of woods and such--the price we pay for progress. Seems like they could have at least left the big Oak. Get yourself healthy please--that knee replacement will make you feel so much better!