Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Home Again

I'm ALIVE.....kicking my way back from a month of upper respiratory illness that began right after I had a colonoscopy... Still a little worn out but as of yesterday I am back to water aerobics and more exercise, and feeling myself. We are having the most beautifully warm and sunny late Fall day today, but the weather promises a very cold spell coming tomorrow so I am relishing open windows, breezes, and finding a final few flowers blooming here and there....Teddy and I found a big patch of johnny-jump-ups in the front garden this morning as we headed out on our walk to the bus stop.
Below is a post that I began a few weeks ago .

LM picked me up at 4:30 am last Friday, 10/10, and we were off to Providence RI from where I would fly to Baltimore.  The airport was so crowded and I was pulled out of line to be tested for illness. It seemed to be random. I was still coughing a bit but felt fine, and was quickly passed along through security.  As soon as I sat down on the plane, I began to feel really sick again, and by the time I was at my brother and sister-in-laws, I could feel something happening. Within a hour or so, I couldn't stop shaking from fever, and I spent the rest of the afternoon under a heating blanket, sound asleep. I was sick the entire visit!!! So very upsetting and at one point I was afraid LM would have to drive down to get me home.  By Sunday morning I had rallied a little and we were able to visit the wonderful Baltimore City Farmers' Market. It was really beautiful and filled with gorgeous produce, flowers and prepared food.  Although, it was wonderfully good for my soul to be with loved ones again, I felt so sad that it was tainted by more sickness and was very concerned they would get sick, too.
So here are the only photos I got of the trip.

Baltimore City Market - the most beautiful arrays of apples greeted us. So many types!!

Bountiful Basil!!
A straw turkey
Flowers everywhere and luscious tomato selections
Raspberries and blackberries at their Fall peak. So sweet.
An amazing collection of mushroom! We did enjoy some delicious deep fried mushroom atop a salad from this stand.

Tomatoes in the early morning sunshine and the proud farmer preparing them for sale.
Crazy, scary pumpkins of all types
Smiling sunflower faces
One last view of the Baltimore skyline, between the bridges overhead. 
Meanwhile, here is  my dear nurse, Jenni, surrounded by my other very rambunctious nurses, Tiger and Cammie.
The canine critters LOVE to play tug-o-war.

The view from my recliner seat. Cammie imploring me to play....Sweet girl.

Ev cooked me a delicious steak dinner .....perfection! I was able to muster the energy to make the mashed potatoes with fresh herbs and garlic,,,,in a beautiful crockery bowl that belonged to our dear, Mum.

Nephew, Martin, holding down Tiger and Cammie.

Tired doggies after an afternoon of jumping at windows to scare away the UPS driver, wrestling, and looking for food.
So , those are a few glimpses into my stay in Baltimore. Hopefully, I can go back again soon and visit all my favorite places and be with my wonderful family in a healthier state!

Back in September when we took Teddy fishing, I spotted this message on the bridge support at one of LM's favorite haunts.  Seems so appropriate.  I choose and day now to be happy and to delight in llfe. I wish the same for you all!

Love and peace!!


Judy said...

You probably caught the "bug" while you were in clinic for your colonoscopy!!! Those medical places are full of germies!! My sister is just getting over the same thing!

What wonderful photos and, I do think, my favorite one is the last one. :-)

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Hopefully you continue to stay well. Pleased you were able to see some of your family.
It is bitter cold and windy at the moment here by the woods
and I think
we are in for a cold winter.
Take care...