Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Friday

Good Morning!!
The Eleuthera travelogue will continue later this weekend, but I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a nice weekend. It's been a short and wonderful work week for me and feels very nice to be back in my usual routine and healthy again. 2014 introduced itself in a most challenging way!  Being in the warmth of the island has certainly brought back my energy and eagerness to find out what else this year will bring.

The sounds of Spring are outside my windows this morning! The birds are chirping and hopping about and I can hear the doves calling.

Opening day for the Red Sox today and there will be a very special attendee at the event.  LM's daughter is picking him up at 8:30 this morning to embark on a mystery tour that will end at Fenway Park for what will be a fun, entertaining and poignant 1st game of the season. I am so happy he will be with Meaghan to share this day and here's hoping the rain holds off until the Sox win!!

I'll be back on the weekend to post pictures and stories from the magic island......Love and peace to all.


Judy said...

What a nice day for LM

debbie said...

Glad you gained strength in Eleuthera!! Hope it will last the year!! AND Beyond!! We had a good time in Florida too! Gave me a good lift. The trees and ornamental bushes are starting to bloom here. We had a thunderstorm this morning. It's to be 70 but soggy! better than snow tho!! How nice of Meaghan to treat her dad for the day!!!...debbie

Wisewebwoman said...

Lingering sunshine in your bones, well done.

Snow, let's not talk about it covering the ground out here on the edge.


Sharon said...

I thought of LM this weekend as we were in Boston on Saturday, though not for the game. The Sox had a rough go of it but they usually do right at the start. Fenway Park is always fun.