Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting to Eleuthera and the First Day....

The big day of departure finally arrived and we were ready, to say the least. It has been a long and challenging winter and it was time to be in the healing presence of daughter, Anne and her husband, David.  Our flight was at 6 am so we were up at 3 and over to the airport by 4:30 excited, and every thing went without a hitch. The flight to Orlando, FL, where we would meet Anne, started out with a beautiful sunrise, and was so smooth that we were in FL one half hour early. By the time we walked over to our meeting place, Anne was calling me on the phone to say she was on the way, and within minutes we were hugging.  It had been way too long!!

 My darling, LM, is a nervous flyer, and this was taken as we waited to board the second leg of the trip that would take us to Nassau. 
 We had taken a tram and arrived at this lovely atrium area to await our international flight.
 Happy daughter and mother!!

It seemed to take forever but we were finally on the flight and landed smoothly at Nassau....all new territory and we were being careful to observe all our surroundings as we would come back to the States without Anne in 10 days.  Nassau has a beautiful new airport, and sadly, I have no photos as we were very busy with a lot of walking, immigration, getting and re-checking luggage, etc.
Right on time at 4 pm, we were on the next flight which would take us directly to Governor's Harbor on Eleuthera.  I must say LM was very brave considering that we were on what looked and felt to be, an ancient prop plane that shook and shuddered its way across the ocean to the island.
 From my window seat, I was able to see the beginning of the Bahamian islands and the beautiful turquoise waters. I believe that is one of the Berry Islands you can just see under the propeller.
 As we flew along the views became more and more dramatic.

 100 miles, N to S of pure heaven: Eleuthera

 David met us at the airport with ice cold Kalick beers and welcomed Lou to the island for the first time. 

 The very tiny Governor's Harbor airport.
 David had a surprise dinner awaiting us and we made a stop at East and Final Market to get a few groceries. All the stores on the island are very small but have amazing inventory, and, of course, a cat was the first Bahamian to greet us, and capture LM's heart. There are orange and white cats everywhere!

 At last we arrived at Anne and David's house. The air was so warm and clear and the Atlantic was pounding against the rocks below, making music for our ears and souls.

 The sound of the breeze in the palms is magical!!
David built this lovely wall along the road in front of the house.
 David has made the grounds even more beautiful than when I visited 5 years ago.
We spent so much time on this wonderful porch..
 Very soon David was serving us the most delicious locally harvested stone crab and a beautiful salad.

 After such a sumptuous feast we had a little rest and settled-in before heading over to the Rainbow Inn for drinks and music.  These are two very tired travelers!!
So this is just the beginning of an amazing 10 days.....many more pictures to share in days to come.  As the ocean lulled us, we slept beautifully that first night. 


Judy said...

Paradise!! I would have a difficult time making myself get on all those airplanes!!!

Balisha said...

What a wonderful adventure and the ending with that beautiful meal. I can see how happy you both are. It must be a magical place.

debbie said...

Really enjoyed your photos of your trip. The air photos of the prop made my stomach flip flop. Glad Lou mdd it there without any problems! lol He must have been in 7th heaven with all the kitties!!!....debbie

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Oh my
how wonderful
this trip was for you.
Reminds me in many ways
of the many trips years ago
taken to Jamaica.
These islands are
There is no way
you could not feel better
after this wonderful trip.

Sharon said...

I can see why the island has restorative powers ~ sea air, sunshine, the sight and sound of the ocean, delicious food, and wonderful hosts. What a wonderful treat for the senses and retreat from a New England winter.