Saturday, November 9, 2013

Seaside Peace, Shadows, Buffalo in the Sky, and a Brief Stop at Memory Lane

Sunday mornings are usually  a bit lazy for us, and last week was no exception. At about 11, after a leisurely breakfast and play time with Ms G, the glorious day helped us decide we had to drink in some of the lovely Fall day and get some exercise.
LM assured me that he had a surprise trip and I would love it, oh, yes, and we might see some fish. What else is new in life with a fisherman!! He knows beauty, though, so my day was in his trusty hands.
As we began walking down a secluded path, I spotted these wonderful bright purple berries.
Just above the purple berries - some cherries, I think.
Following along on the path, we passed lovely views of a salt pond

Still near the same guide was looking more and more like the cat that swallowed the canary........
and, before I knew it we were at this pretty spot and near the end of the path...quite remote and I was a bit worried about his motives, after all, he is a catnapper, so who knows what else he'd do. LOL
We'd arrived at a beautiful, peaceful, completely quiet, and TOP SECRET place.
A sweet moment  as we gazed across the water and breathed in the silence.

What to my wondering eyes should appear but a school of fish.....

The view behind us, looking out toward the sea.

Fall at work.
Of course he had a water temperature guage in his pocket

The rest of our walk took us along a beautiful trail with views out to the ocean. The colors were really brilliant, especially the marshes as they begin to take on their winter shades.

More fish hunting ensued

We found nice benches from which to enjoy the views and rest a bit in the warm sun. My ever observant companion, found me a buffalo in the sky, too.

Back to the car we began our drive home taking as many back roads as we could find.  We came across some swans having an afternoon nap.

We stopped in Bourne Village to visit some friends (of course he is a fellow fisherman). They have a lovely home that sits on the banks of the Cape Cod Canal, just west of the Bourne Bridge.  This is my old stomping grounds. In a past life, I was married right under the Bourne Bridge on a lovely October afternoon.
A service road/bike trail/walking path run along the canal on both sides and for many, many years, I walked or ran that path everyday.
I had to step out on the porch and take a few photos of this favorite area. 
We really had a magical day and, as always, savored our time together.


Emms T said...

Amazing pictures! I don't know much about Cape Cod, but now I know that it is wonderful. Nice blog!

Judy said...

Thank you for taking us along on your private walk. Such a beautiful part of this country!