Monday, November 25, 2013

A Skunk Bingo Gala and a Birthday, too!

Saturday we celebrated Sara's birthday at my house with a fun dinner and two very excited party goers as entertainment. Samantha and Sara .....

An exuberant Teddy
Jason and Alison
Samantha - ready for dinner.
Since 2013 has been the year of the skunk (we have no idea why this fascination) in Teddy's world - he was a very cute skunk for Halloween - I was thrilled to find this skunk bingo game at a local bookstore.
LM turned out to be the perfect skunk bingo ringleader and a rollicking time was had by all.

 Nana, Sara, Samantha and Teddy helping Sara blow out the candles on a yummy strawberry cake.

Alison and Sara
The very loving cousins......

A lovely time was had by all!
   Please forgive this mixed up post with crazy fonts and photos every which way but where I want them, Blogger is having a bad day!!