Monday, November 11, 2013


We saw the most amazing thing today. Being a bit early to meet LM's sister for lunch,  we stopped on the Cape side of the canal and parked by the railroad bridge.  We were all alone and startled to see that the little cove to the west of the parking area was filled with what we estimate was 500-1000 sea ducks - all types, including many beautiful black and white buffleheads - they were circling round and round in the most amazing pattern, then would all veer out near the main current of the canal, and one after one, begin diving, coming up and getting back in to the circle. They had to work their feet and wings mightily to "paddle" against the strong canal current to return to the circle, and we loved how they lifted up just enough to "walk" on the water.  We sat there spell bound watching this moment of nature. The quacking sounds were wonderful as they talked to each other. We stayed for 1/2 hr. When we left the circling was still in full action. LM said there must have been a huge school of bait attracting the ducks. The ever-present and opportunistic seagulls were trying to mix in to the crowd, hoping to glean some of the bait fish.  They do winter over here and LM thought they may have just returned from the north where they spend the summers.
Getting out of the car to take photos or a video would have disturbed this incredible scene. Even words can hardly convey the extraordinary feeling we experienced.

Another fine example of a detour in life (someone else not making the schedule on time, in this case), can lead to the most incredible beauty.

Observing and honoring Veterans' Day today!


Balisha said...

Thanks for sharing this experience with us. You never know what's around the corner...Balisha

Judy said...

WOW--this is amazing! So glad you got to see it.