Friday, June 8, 2012

Tiger's Coming to Town

This trio of characters is coming to Chatham today - nephew, Martin, Tiger, and my brother, Ev.  Should be a fun time. Ms G will NOT be happy, I can guarantee you that, but she'll take up residence DEEP in LM's clothing closet and not be seen or heard until the intruder leaves. Tiger would like nothing better than to capture Ms G! There will be fried clams consumed and maybe some lobster, and a certain blogger has promised to make strawberry ice cream as the berries are perfect right now. We shall see. Said blogger is going to also be busy house sitting for her boss's dogs. 
On Saturday they will join LM as he holds forth at his annual "Learn to Fish Day."  Cape Cod is really beautiful, green and flowery right now, so we'll proudly show it off at it's best.
Pictures at some point.

Happy Weekend, all, and I send you love!


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun!! lol When I looked at the photo my FIRST thought was that Tigger the Tiger from Pooh was coming in a Parade...where was MY mind? Deep into Winnie the Pooh I guess! lol. Now it all comes into focus!! Ms G will hate her intruder I'm sure. I can see her scowl now!! lol We made ice cream over Memorial Day! yum I saw where you have a bear lose on the Cape What a hoot!! ...debbie

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I yearn for that type of food.
Not here....
Enjoy this time.