Sunday, June 3, 2012

Colorado, cont.

Catching you up to the third day of my Colorado visit, we planned to meet my sister's two children, their significant others, and the grandchildren, at Los Arcos for a family lunch.  What a place....So many large families there and great food and service.
The Los Arcos family matriarch, captured in oil!
Sister, Bebo with her daughter, Laura and SO, Brian
Bebo and her granddaughter, Jazmine (Laura's daughter)holding her cousin, Levi
Levi reads the menu and makes his choice!

Levi makes the rounds!  Precious baby!
Levi meets great Aunt Kitty!

My delicious lunch!
At the end of the meal, the staff brought us a plate of sopapillas. I'd never tried one before, and this sweet-loving woman, couldn't take more than 1-2 bites.  A rush of sugar!
Oh, yes, and then there was my mojito, sorry I couldn't share, too good!
A group shot, courtesy of Brian...Levi's parent, Ruben and Mayra in front of me. Ruben is Bebo's youngest.
Brian and Laura....
Mayra and Ruben (who looks so much like my Dad as a young man).  Such a nice couple and wonderful parents, so sad I am not closer to spend more time seeing Levi grow up.
And Levi is about ready for a nap!

Back at my sister's house that evening, we relaxed and admired Zoey...

A perfect day.  After the lunch, Laura joined Bebo and me and we were off to shop and see some sights.  Busy day but so much fun.  My sister is blessed with such a great and loving family. More fun to come.....


Beverly said...

I can tell you are enjoying your visit! Family is so special!

Retired English Teacher said...

Nothing is better than wonderful family time. I agree. It is a shame family isn't closer.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Thank you for letting me join you
What a wonderful trip and family you have...

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Anonymous said...

Zoey is an adorable kitty!! And she must be very sweet as she lays in your lap!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time having dinner together! Love the babies!! Kelly's best friend Nicole, has left this morning to move to Denver. They cried and cried. They've been best friends, room mates etc for about 14 years. Very sad. But what a wonderful place Denver is....debbie