Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Sustenance in Beauty

"Bob is indeed laying low. In his bed, parked by the front door. He has had quite an odyssey the past few days. Don't know how much you know, but we thought that we were losing him on Wednesday night. I will tell you all about it when you are here, but he has heart disease and threw a blood clot. His hind leg is non-functional and he really had a tough go. Thank God for the new VCA in Braintree. They took him out of my arms at 10:45 on Wednesday night and rushed him into the back. He was in distress. I thought I was losing him on the way over... just begging him to hang on until I could get him there. Did NOT obey speed limit. They had him in an oxygen tent and gave him all sorts of stuff. Lasix, aspirin, pain killers etc. We thought we were going to have to put him down yesterday. I discharged him yesterday afternoon so he could just be home, figuring we would try to keep him going until Nate got home. He rallied this morning and although the leg is still dragging behind him and he is mostly staying put, mentally he seems more like himself. He was way out there yesterday. Echocardiogram today and home with about 5 medications - including Plavix. He could live many more months - always a chance of throwing another clot, but at least he has survived this and we are now more prepared. We will love him every minute!" 
The above message came to me last Friday, and I could not have been more shocked. I'd just written Trish a brief note to confirm we would be up for a visit on Sunday and to ask how Bob was doing in the little heatwave we were having.  I would never have imagined that such a young cat could have heart disease!
Our, and my brother and sister-in-law's incredible cat Bob, rests in the garden this morning. He has been diagnosed with advanced heart disease and there is no way to tell how long he will live. For today, he is seeming like his old self, except he has no use of one hind leg.  He is very lethargic and spends most of his time in his bed. His wonderful Mom, Trish, transports him in and out for fresh air and he really enjoys her spectacular gardens.

We were able to visit with them last Sunday and spend some cuddle time with our sweet, Bob. 
I will keep you updated as news comes in.  Hearts are heavy, but as Trish says, we will love him through whatever happens. Ms G is sending lots of purrs, pats and hugs.


Linda said...

Oh, that is sad. He looks like a very sweet kitty. At least he knows he's well loved.

Anonymous said...

Reading this again made me cry all over for silly Bob. I have really enjoyed all Bob's silliness the past few years. He is one cool dude. My heart breaks for him and his family and Auntie Kitty. We continue our prayers for him. Much Love...debbie, Barney and Chevy.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Have been missing your posts.
So sorry about this special Kitty.. said...

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