Thursday, May 3, 2012

More in Maine

Good we are in Maine again...... this lovely stained glass piece caught the eastern sunlight nicely each day and fit well with the Victorian theme of the inn.

This was a lovely place to read in the morning and late afternoon....

Looking from the bedroom into the sitting room........the wicker rocking chair in the foreground is a very old family antique.  The innkeepers had a wonderful array of antiques put together from their combined families. 

Day 2 found us joined by brother, Ev and his son, Martin, and, of course, Tiger.

After a lunch with everyone, LM and I set out on another nice walk in the York Harbor area.  This causeway led us across a portion of the York River to what is called the Wiggly Bridge and then a lovely walk through woodlands. It was really low tide as we started out. Interesting sky!
You can just barely see the green bridge supports here.
The woods were very peaceful with only birdsongs to be heard. Here, a little titmouse seemed to be following us.
A dead tree with huge woodpecker holes.
On the return part of the walk, we saw this beautiful house right along the river's edge.
Coming back around we head toward the wiggly bridge again.

Soon, it was time to get our money's worth out of our inn stay, so we headed back to Tanglewood to have a nap and relax before getting ready for a special dinner at Clay Hill Farm that evening. Before dinner we took a short drive to Ogunquit and enjoyed the late day sun over the water.  We sat in the car with the windows down, eyes closed for a bit, savoring the sound and scent of the ocean.
The dinner evening was truly a delicious and romantic event and I kept my camera in my purse as it just didn't seem appropriate to disturb the setting with the flash. The food was so elegant and fresh.  A step back in time, as my parents enjoyed many wonderful times at the same place.
More to come, as we spend a day in Portsmouth with our entourage!


Retired English Teacher said...

I have got to make it to Maine. This trip sounds just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I'm so far behind on my post reading. Jeez. Loved the photos of the Inn. Very pretty and of course Maine is just beautiful anyway. So glad you and LM got a chance to get away. ...debbie

judemiller1 said...

How beautiful!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

thanks for sharing
I always feel like I have been
on a trip
when you share :)