Monday, February 20, 2012

Prowling the Punkhorn

Out of my Allegra induced hazy mind, I made a little effort to catch up on some posting today....LM and I have been enjoying some lovely wintertime walks....hope you enjoy it along with us.

Wallking has always brought me solace, inspiration, newfound energy, and fun.  Why can't I remember the message in that sentence?  Well, anyway, Super Bowl Sunday afternoon was a sunny and cold day but there was no wind, and I was able to convince LM that he could find those wonderful benefits, too, and we were off to explore the huge Punkhorn Conservation area, only a scant 1/2  mile from his house. We were alone in these beautiful woods for over an hour. How wonderful that all this land has been saved!
One of the many interesting discoveries we came across....Not sure what kind of coupe this was, but it was filled with bullet holes!

A tiny branch had landed on this rock marking a trail.

Princess pine everywhere.  As children we used this to make is now a protected plant.
Beautiful moss in so many places.

Near the beginning we saw a a very swampy area covered with just a skim of ice. reminded me of areas we used to find in the woods to skate on when we were could hang on to the trees and twirl around.  My days of twirling are over and this ice was definitely not safe....all sparkly in the midday sun.

There were many lovely white birches bending over the paths.
The area was dotted with what look to be abandoned cranberry bogs.

We feel so privileged to live in this beautiful area. Hope you enjoyed our little walk. Many more to come.


Linda said...

What a wonderful place for two lovers to spend some time. Time away from all of life's problems. Only each other to focus on. Wow.

Retired English Teacher said...

I loved your photos. They brought back memories of where I once walked as a child and as a woman in 40's in Colorado Springs. It was supposed to be protected area, but then somehow the developers got their hands on it and it is now developed, and of course, ruined.

I loved your memory of the ice and twirling. Truly, we don't do that anymore!

judemiller1 said...

I so would enjoy a walk like that! My days of long walks are over however, but I sure enjoyed this one.

Anonymous said...

OH yes!! I did enjoy my walk. I really needed the exercise too. Glad you had me come along. We used to skate on ponds like that when we were in 9th grade when we lived in Mt. Lebanon (Pittsburgh). I still have my pretty white skates hanging in the attic. Probably all dry rotted by now. When are we going again. I think we need some snacks next time! ...debbie

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Your images almost looked like my woods.