Monday, February 6, 2012

Laughter into Tears

Saturday we were invited to a house warming for Kristi's friend, Lisa, so there were gifts to be wrapped before we left.  As I began to open a package of tissue and arrange the gifts in a pretty bag, our favorite helper appeared out of the blue. We'd thought we could quietly get the job done without the help of our tape/ribbon and plastic loving girl as she was napping. Not to be.....she suddenly began circling my feet to assess the best approach.  She spotted some curly ribbons in my hand and they were too much to resist.  I confess to enticing her, and she did her little squirrel act on her hind feet as she batted the ribbon. 

When I got back to the job at hand, she decided to circle around and get on the counter via the dining room table....pardon the mess, we were in a hurry.

As I worked with the tissue, she quickly snagged the ribbon and tried to get away but her "boyfriend" caught up with her and tried some unsuccessful distractions.

She was shooed away from one side so came back another way....very clever, Ms G!
Then LM was laughing so hard he just let her be and have her fun.....he joined right in!
I loved that the refrigerator gallery has a nice picture of Kristi and her friend, Lisa, front and center.

LM gives instructions on how to be naughty!!

Now we see the "coach" in action!......
We came home from the fun party to find the tearful news that Marty is home but he is not doing well.  His wife, Karen, had written an update e-mail to let us know the latest status. Marty unable to be alone for any amount of time. He is very confused, emotional and quite weak.  There is still no answer on what has happened to cause all the brain malfunctions.  Later this week there will be appointments with various specialists but Karen will have to have a caregiver with Marty at all times.  All the siblings are trying to stay strong, support each other and thinking positive thoughts for Marty and his family.
Yesterday, as we waited the interminable wait for the Super Bowl kick-off time (it all seemed so hollow and foolish), I called Marty and was able to speak with him briefly. He knew who I was but it set off a storm of emotion as we tried to talk, his voice unidentifiable to me, and both of us sobbing. He was going over and over how much he loves every member of our family.  Beautiful and heartbreaking, as it seems, he is in a tortured state.
What can one do from so far away??  I feel so compelled to help, yet, I cannot be there right now, and I have to go on with my own life.  I wish I knew a way to make all their lives a little lighter right now.  It will come to me if I listen to my intuition but the deafening sound of my tears is in the way.

PS.....While at the party Saturday, we were entertained by a funny/sweet dog, Cleo, and you can bet that we were fully inspected and sniffed when we returned home, especially our shoes!  Comic relief.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that Marty is not doing well. You can do something and that is to pray with all your might. I've kept him in my prayers. I'm sorry they can't seem to find anything. Doesn't seem right that they can't find SOMETHING. I hope they do soon.

Ms G is once again in heaven with her bows and tissue paper! In the last photo, I can just hear her tell LM to back off!! that's HER BOW!! SHE WON'T SHARE!! LOL...debbie

judemiller1 said...

If Marty had a stroke, that will bring on the crying--stroke victims just always seem to have tears running down their faces. I sure hope they can find something to help him and I know this is very difficult for his wife....and for you!

Retired English Teacher said...

Laughter and tears. It seems you had plenty of both. I'm so sorry to hear how tortured your brother is. I feel so bad for him. I'm sending healing thoughts your way.

Stay strong.