Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Little Gray Helper

We had a very special birthday in our ranks last week. LM turned 75!!  Due to crazy schedules we were not able to be together to celebrate until the weekend....Ms G was really in to the clebration as it involved wrapped boxes, tape, crinkly plastic wrappers, AND twist ties.  Cat heaven! Taking photos was a challenge as she wanted to be right in the middle of the entire process.
The very surprised birthday boy, delightedly opens his new Bose system.  This man loves music, radios and technology, so the perfect gift had been chosen.

 Ms G helping......note LM's clothes drying operation on the kitchen chandelier!  Lovely, but efficient, as the heat rises from just below.
 "I want those plastic wrappers on the can have the remotes."
 Admiring her portrait on the birthday card......
 Ahhhhhhhhhh.   A lot of music was enjoyed as we worked through the birthday weekend, and sent healing thoughts to Marty.
Wonderful news this morning that Marty made significant progress yesterday.He is now cognizant of where he is.  Today they will attempt to do another MRI to see what caused this episode.  He remains in the hospital as he is very weak.  WHEW, and thank you all for the kindness of your prayers, thoughts and caring.


judemiller1 said...

Really cute pictures. I have an "audiophile" friend who LOVES his Bose sound system!!! Continued prayers for Marty.

Anonymous said...

I can tell Ms G was in 7th Heaven!!
All that crinkle paper, and remote covers, and paper and bows! She'll have wonderful dreams for a month dreaming about all that good stuff! Love the photos!! So cute!! I'm sure LM will enjoy his new Boise Radio. My mom bought herself a second one for the kitchen. She enjoys them sooo much!! So glad to hear Marty is improving a lot from last week. Will still send him healing prayers! they must be working! I'm sure he has MANY!!...debbie

Linda said...

Cats are so interesting. Much of the time they ignore us , yet when we least expect it the suddenly push their way right into the middle of things. Perhaps she likes good music as much as LM and was also excited to see the new system.

It's good to hear your brother is improving.

Retired English Teacher said...

LM will love his new Bose. I got my husband one for Christmas last year. He has enjoyed it so much. I'd say you made the perfect choice.

This is great news about your brother.