Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teddy, Fishing Derby Results & Ms G!

Truly, I have been trying to post these wonderful pictures for almost two weeks, but Blogger has, once again, been most uncooperative.
On a beautiful Saturday, while LM was pursuing 'the big one" for the fishing derby, I visited Teddy and his lovely, Mom, Alison. 

Teddy waiting for cookies to bake
Showing off his artistic ability and pseudo smile, Teddy showed Nana the sunflower he'd drawn.
While Alison and I enjoyed catching up on news, Teddy was only too happy to ride his "heavy equipment" on the deck.  He's mastered pedaling and using the brakes. I'm impressed!

After lunch, it was time for Nana to head home and get ready for the Cape Cod Salties' fishing derby "after party." 
We arrived sans fish, as LM's best effots turned up no takers.
Here he is helping club president set up the event.  It was a perfect evening at Sesuit Cafe on the harbor.
The view from our table!
Looking west

LM's lure-making friend, Bob, severed part of his finger with a table saw so he turned his bandage into a lure, complete with eyes and label.  What a great mind!

No doubt discussing the one that got away!

Weighing in what turned out to be the winner in striped bass division

The same fisherman (one of LM's former students) won the striped bass and bluefish divisions.

It was a lovely and delicious evening with some nice friends.
Ms G wonders why she was not invited, and watches the dead-by-Irene leaves blowing around.

Many of our trees were stripped bare by the hurricane and what leaves are left have been burned.  The evergreens, as evidenced here, were burned on the SW side.  So strange.  Some are even entirely burned from the saltspray.

All is well and happy here, and I am about to begin nearly a month of off and on house sitting for my boss's dogs, as well as have several groups of company.  Nice!!!

Wishing everyone love and beautiful Fall days.
PS.  There is lots of quilting going on here...photos when Blogger allows me to load them.


MarkD60 said...

I like the bandage fishing lure, and Teddys "heavy equipment"
I scrolled down to look at all the pics too!
(I for here from Happy Days)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how tall Teddy has grown! Maybe he will be a heavy truck operator when he's grown!! Wow! the stripped Bass is HUGE!! The lake we go to in SC is known for it's stripped Bass, but I've never seen one THAT big!! His buddies finger is a riot!! How cute! Ms G looks like she is seeking a nice chipmonk to chatter her teeth at!! I worked on my quilt all day today and only finished 2 rows, but am going to rip out the last row...it doesn't match...don't know what happened...
but, like you said: you gotta make it right! Ho Hum...Bob is out of town till Thursday. Went to Williamsburg, Va. Lucky Ducky...debbie

judemiller1 said...

The evergreen is weird--I have never seen anything like that--killed by the salt spray--amazing. Nice fall weather here too. Glad you had a good time with Teddy--he is way past adorable.