Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogging Roadblock

This little series of photos shows just how much interference I have been experiencing while trying to post!! 
The interferer comes bounding up and deposits her cute furry self on my lap, pushing the laptop as hard as she can. It nearly slides off my lap, and I hold on for dear life. If I even dare to raise my hands over her to type, she becomes highly incensed. What's a blogger to do??  NOTHING, but turn off the lap top and close it up, except then she jumps down as her heat source is not as intense. I am just not good enough. 
Thanks for the photography, LM.  I wish you would keep YOUR cat under control.


Anonymous said...

Oh that silly kitty!! Ms G! What are we gonna do with you! She just wants everyone's attention doesn't she! lol cute photos!! Right now Barney is sleeping in his new Condo...debbie

Julie said...

same thing at my house, "put down your phone or laptop I'm coming in"
She never moves...