Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Kristi

Kristi and Dad as we prepare to take on the mini-golf course at Arnold's Clam Bar in Eastham
LM teeing off....it was a gray day and quite cool but we had a great time.
This is one of the nicest and most beautifully landscaped courses I've seen. 
The flowers are still blooming although somewhat battered from the hurricane
Scattered throughout the course are some beautifully done miniatures of historic outer Cape locations. Kristi loved the Eastham windmill
These grasses were shooting out some really pretty purple blooms
These logs were a challenge!
Roses bloom very late on the Cape....sometimes in to late November.
Kristi doing one of the things she loves best...
Pretty berries, changing to their bright purple Fall coat

Hydrangeas were everywhere.....
We even found a Mayflower replica in the back of a truck!  I bet it was used in a recent parade.
Calculating her shot
We really had fun....not a good hair day!

Duffer, a very lovable and fun duffer, though!
After golf we enjoyed a nice late lunch. Kristi got to FINALLY try the Arnold's fried clams. She had been waiting all summer.  We all approved, although I was not too crazy about the stuffed quahog I tried. I do not like smoked foods and sometimes Portuguese sausage is used, giving them a smokey taste.  Oh well.

Busy week happening here. I am still dog sitting....they have been wonderful and there has been no barking. YAY! Otherwise, we have a little return to summery weather and it feels so nice.


judemiller1 said...

I love playing putt putt golf--so much easier on my joints! Nice pictures

Linda said...

Isn't it nice to have a calm, lovely day? Your day looks perfect.

Retired English Teacher said...

This looks like a perfectly delightful day. It is good to see you having a good time.

I seem to have lost your email address because I didn't bring my laptop with me. Could you email me? I have been ill and am doubting I will be able to meet with you.

Anonymous said...

We love to play Goofy Golf!! I'm not all that good. Any holes I make in quick order is due structly to luck!! So glad Kristi got to play golf AND eat clams ALL in one day!! How perfect can any day get??? Finished my quilt top. Am so happy...debbie