Monday, December 10, 2007

Road Trips and Such

My recovery from the surgery in my mouth had been going quite well until last week when I began to have severe burning and pain in my entire mouth. Suffered it out over the weekend as we had a full schedule of parties and other holiday-related events, but by this morning, I had to call the doctor. He is not sure what is happening....there are several theories and we have begun a treatment of rinsing which may attack several of the suspected issues. Meanwhile, work is a challenge as I need to talk so much and my mouth is also painfully dry. I will also begin eliminating certain foods from my diet which can cause further irritation. It is very possble that the huge amounts of anti-biotics which I have had to take over the last year and a half have upset the balance in my body and set up a highly acidic environment allowing bad bacteria to flourish and kill off the good. Time will tell but I am most anxious to be well before the holiday AND the long-awaited trip which Lou and I are taking to FL. There has been prolonged stress with worrying about Dad, pneumonia 2 months ago, surgery and also the stress related to all of a sudden being thrust into this beautiful exciting love which has encompassed my life. It is a major change, albeit delightful, thrilling and so cherished!

We leave on Dec 29 and will be driving a lovely new BMW convertible to Naples, FL for a dear friend of LM's. We will stop to visit my brother in Baltimore on the way down. Once we get to Naples we will have time to rest at the beach and enjoy some warmth. On the return trip we will rent a nice car and make a lot of stops to visit friends and family, including my daughter and former schoolmates of LM's. We are looking forward to a fun-filled time as we both love being on the road and it will be our first long road-trip together.

Last weekend's parties were great....the first was my office party and it was quite enjoyable....I am often uneasy in those situations, even though I work with the nicest people in the world. This time was different with LM by my side. Saturday night was a party with people I used to work with and where I met LM. Fun to see everyone and they are still having a field day with the fact that we are now a couple. So many years have passed since we first met and became friends.

Last night we took LM's daughter, Kristi to the Festival of Lights at Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich. She just loved it and we enjoyed the walk on what turned out to be a pleasant winter evening to be outside. Fun to hold both their hands and be in the center of so much love. I am a very fortunate woman!
On to recovery.

So the challenge is to get better right now, prepare for the holiday and try to keep it low key and stressless.

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islaygirl said...

Wishing you a definitive diagnosis and a speedy recovery. Your road trip sounds amazing and a delightful way to spend time together. And I know what you mean about adjusting to the wonderfulness, lol. xx