Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks for Family

We really were not intending to celebrate Thanksgiving today, as my brother, Sam, and his family, above, are hosting a huge family "Thanksgiving" party at their house next week when many of my dear siblings and other family will be home after many years. Sam and I are the only siblings who have remained in MA where we grew up. Jobs and marriages have taken the others far away but we remain in very close contact and love each other very much, so having 5 of us together next week will be amazing! There will also be my children and their cousins together after many, many years.

So even though we have the other party coming up next week, we could not leave Dad alone at his assisted living home on a day that he always prized to celebrate family. We shared a nice dinner (well, I could not eat much because my mouth is still healing) and then I took Dad for a ride to his beloved Nantasket Beach. He enjoyed seeing the high surf today and it was quite sunny and warm.

LM is having a great time in NJ and we have been on the phone frequently today. I miss him beyond belief. It is just so nice to have someone like him to love and to feel the love returned.
I feel so so grateful!

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islaygirl said...

kitty, thank you so much for stopping by, and especially for commenting. take a look at the sea for me ... i miss the water so much!