Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Christmas - on to Florida

Christmas was lovely, BUT, I have to be honest and say I felt tremendous relief when the day was over. I have no idea why the holiday makes me feel so stressed. I am surrounded by many I love and beside the man I love but I still had an underlying anxiety. Perhaps it is all the expectations which are put on me (I do this to myself!!) and others at this time but I just want to love my family and friends and give gifts when I am inspired not when I am required.

Christmas Eve I made a lovely dinner and shared it with LM and his friend, Bob. Christmas morning we shared a leisurely breakfast and looked back on Christmases past for LM with his beloved Lillian and then rejoiced in the new life we share and all the promise of each day to come.
Our first stop was to see LM's daughters and share gifts, then on to my son's in Sagamore Beach.
Our dinner, beautifully prepared by my daugher-in-law and son was delicious and it was heartwarming to see Dad enjoying his day, and we really enjoyed our time with baby, Samantha who is now 9 months and trying so hard to walk. The cats were quite taken aback by the baby toddling around and their reactions were pretty funny. Pictures of that to be posted soon!

LM received a Tom Tom navigation system for the car and it will be really useful on our trip to FL which launches Saturday morning at 5 am. We can hardly wait to be "on the road".
There will be many stops and visits with family as well as treasured time alone. I think we are both ready for renewal of our spirits and peace.
We will be in Naples FL for New Year's Eve. No resolutions, no time limits, just love to be shared with each other, family and friends.

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islaygirl said...

Wishing you a safe and lovely trip. xx