Friday, November 9, 2007


On the way to completing a birthday dinner for a dear friend last evening, I managed to end up in the ER!! Thanks to a box of plastic wrap and its very sharp serated edge (the box began to drop from my hands and in the process of catching it, I slammed it hard onto the counter with the sharp edge exposed to my left hand). I turned the dinner party into what looked like a massacre with copious, seemingly unstoppable bloodshed . My dear calm LM sped me off to the local fire station where they stemmed the bloodshed and recommended that I get to the ER for stitches. Amidst terrible hard pain, I was held in the arms of LM's sweet love and comfort while a physician's assistant in training ably sewed up the large, deep gash in my hand. The pain kept intensifying and the powerful Vicodin they handed me at the ER became mandatory if I were to get any sleep. WELL, that I did! LM lovingly tucked me in to bed, cleaned up the entire kitchen and quietly went home. I finally woke up 17 hrs later and it has taken me 7 more hours to feel halfway normal. The hand is throbbing at a dull roar and I think I will survive but I know one thing for sure - I will never use the plastic wrap without remembering Bob's birthday celebration!! At least we got to enjoy the dinner and yummy apple pie before the massacre!

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