Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shadows in the Moonlight

Beautiful weekend here, and much of it enjoyed outside on long walks. Saturday, was a day of several great walks. The first walk was at Fort Hill in Eastham which is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. The trail begins on a high hill with a very dramatic ocean view across a lovely marsh and inlets, resplendent in a Fall mantel of rust and gold. The air was so clear and beautiful; many brilliant red berries and cedars with lovely blue berries; pampas grass rustled in the wind at the edge of the marsh. The trail leads from open fields, to a deep forest of cedars, out to another clearing with ocean views, back to a boardwalk which winds for a long while over a red cedar swamp, then back up a steep hilly forest to the fields again. I surprised a red tailed hawk who was searching for lunch. A very beautiful place, all set off by the roar of the open ocean and a surprise around every corner. Each season is a thrill there, especially the wildflowers in the summer.
Headed up the road to see friends in Truro and then on to Provincetown for a lovely waterfront lunch....chicken fajita roll-up with sweet potato fries!

Back to Chatham, walked for three miles through the village in the moonlit evening. Beautiful shadows from the ancient trees and homes.

Jason (one and only son) delivered two dressers to me today to replace my old broken-leg poor excuse for a dresser. The new ones are from my Dad's house. They are all in place and filled. Memories of Mama flooded my mind as I polished them and placed my things where hers had been so recently. How much I wish I could talk to her....I still do it anyway on a daily basis but it is not the same.

Now it is on to Christmas plans and they seem to be shaping up nicely to be held at Jason's. Alison and I are already plotting menu ideas.
Time to give Ms G her treats and go to bed....back to reality and work tomorrow.
Need to work on knitting! Many orders for scarves and I still want to make many more washcloths.

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