Tuesday, June 19, 2018


We were to launch for Canada with Teddy on Thursday, but as life does, all plans have been canceled.  My sister and family in Ontario, are instead, sitting in vigil with the last of her husband's breaths. Alzheimer's Disease is making its final claim on their beloved Jerry's life. The end of what has seemed an interminable path.

At the same time Jerry's decline hastened, my LM (partner) became quite sick due to a serious infection, topped off with a particularly virulent cold, and a neck and shoulder pain situation.  We would not have been able to make the trip anyway!  We are all very sad, for so many reasons, and Teddy is let down, yet so sweet and compassionate for Aunt Margaret and family, as well as LM.
This morning, Teddy and his Mom are on the way to a great amusement park in NH, as a consolation. Excitement was abounding as they headed off.....a beautiful example of how the human spirit rebounds.

There is a huge vacuum in my heart, that could only be filled with a visit with my sister (any of them for that matter), and especially now as Margaret faces this loss that has been coming for 8 years, yet just as painful. I am busying myself with keeping all the family aware of news, and taking care of some medical things today.

There will be other trips and plans to be made.

Peace to all this day and may there be a resolution for the immigrant children....heartbreaking!

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