Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lunch Notes - Thursday, 8/13/13

It is pretty tough to find a peaceful place these days but on the bright side, our economy is thriving, as evidenced by the constantly filled sidewalks and streets. The weather is providing all our visitors with dreamy beach days and lovely cool nights for sleeping.

I took myself to the only place where I can usually find a place to park at the water's edge on a pier.  Low tide found many people in the shallow water raking for quahogs.  The harbor was really filled with visiting boats today - many large sailboats.  So beautiful.  After settling  in and adjusting the car seat for relaxation, I opened my windows to catch the lovely breezes, only to be barraged by Rush Limbaugh on one side and vast clouds of cigarette smoke on the other - that coming from a man in a huge SUV with an unruly dog.  Oh, well, the windows got closed and lunch hour was shortened.  This is an all too common event.  A few deep breaths later found me driving slowly back to the office and appreciating fresh air quiet air once more.

Summer time on Cape Cod!!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day in one way or another.


Retired English Teacher said...

That truly is a downer when that happens. Peace and quiet are so hard to come by these days.

Judy said...

The one smoking and being loud are the ones who should have their windows rolled up!!!

Balisha said...

It's a shame that some people have to spoil things. When do tourists leave?
I would imagine that it is more peaceful then.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

They are slowly leaving as school resumes in other areas of the country. The weekends are still madness. It is wonderful for our economy yet we really do look forward to the quieter months. Our roads are narrow and so crowded right now.
I am so enjoying your gardens!