Monday, August 26, 2013


These last few weeks of summer have been very full, very happy, and are culminating in a little escape from the Cape. LM and I will be on the road again tomorrow morning at 8, and headed for Putney, VT. We'll be joining my sister, El and her family who will be there to settle their son, Ian into his first year of college.  We'll be joined for a while tomorrow by Alison and Teddy.  It will be lots of fun as we prowl around VT. We plan to visit the Brattleboro Farmers Mkt on Wed morning, and who knows what else we'll find, but it will be so nice to be with family.

In other "escape" news. The namesake of this blog stepped right out the open back door yesterday as LM and I were in the yard cleaning our cars!  The door had been left open by accident and just as one little gray paw was about to step down onto the ground, she was nabbed.  Actually, when she saw LM walking slowly toward the door, she turned on her own and went back inside to safety. WHEW.  Speaking of Ms G, since we began feeding her Fromm "all natural" cat chow, she is looking and acting like a new "woman....she is so playful, her fur is really glossy, and she just seems healthier.

Time to pack the car so we can launch early tomorrow morning. Ms G's "Aunt Lois is coming down to spend 3 days with her while we are gone, I do hope she does not do what she's been doing to LM every morning at about 4....stand face to face and scream!!

Love to all.....and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.


Judy said...

Where do I get that cat chow? Buddy still needs to lose some more weight--will it help with that? Thanks--enjoy!!

Balisha said...

Have a fun weekend...Balisha

Kittie Howard said...

Know you'll have a lovely time in Vermont. It's such a beautiful state with so many nooks and crannies. Very happy to hear Ms G's is more of a beauty queen than ever. But what's this about her yelping at 4:00? Tsk, tsk, Ms G, you've got to get your beauty rest!

We're back from our holiday. The Beaches of Normandy were amazing--rather spiritual, actual. Slowly getting back into the groove. Will have some work done on the condo later this month as we hope to begin the move to NC around April.