Thursday, April 26, 2012

Maine, cont

We left the Cliff Walk at the beach and walked up a short hill to the main street of York Harbor in order to circle back to our inn.  This house was straight ahead of us and we were captivated by its glowing pink/purple color....lovely and although it was closed up for the winter, you could almost hear the sound of happy summertime voices coming from porch rockers.  We mentioned needing to come back in summer to see it for real. 
As we rounded the corner we came upon the lovely old York Harbor Inn.  It looks like a beautiful and luxurious place to stay and our innkeeper highly recommended having dinner in their tavern although we never made it there; too many other places to visit.  Across the street is a lovely open park on a hill looking over the view we had as we walked the Cliff Walk.  In past years that entire view had been blocked by houses.  One York Harbor lover bought the property and made a park there for all to enjoy. There were many benches, gardens and paths. 

The view from the park and another side of the private Reading Room Club.

As we followed the sidewalk back to the Inn there were many beautiful homes along the shore, some with rather unusual architectural details and artifacts. Loved this doorway and guess who had to get up close and peer in....revealing a courtyard with beautiful pool and gardens.  Alas, my photo attempt failed.

My favorite garden was surrounded by a very high wall and guarded by many gargoyles.
A closed up summer house that sits just atop the Cliff Walk. So beautiful!
About this point, my knee was wishing I'd sit down, so we perched on a stonewall and admired this beautiful Episcopal church. 
Right behind our resting spot was this beautiful white birch pretty against the blue, blue sky.  Happy sweet moments on the wall as we counted our blessings and gave thanks for our love.
The tree had beautiful peeling bark.
At last we arrived back at the Inn and LM and I discovered the origin of the Inn at Tanglewood Hall's
name....the incredibly huge wisteria encompassing the huge tree at the foot of the drive. 

After that lovely walk we needed a little rest back at our beautiful suite of rooms....ahhhhh.

When we awoke from a little siesta, we couldn't wait to get out and do a bit more sightseeing, and scope out another walk we'd heard about.  This is York Harbor looking toward the east.
So picturesque!  Many lobster boats.

Our last stop that first afternoon, early evening, was at the very famous Nubble Light. We loved this beautiful little island with its old Coast Station and still active light.
You cannot get over to the island.....years ago the house would be occupied by a lighthouse keeper, and the children would come across daily to go to school, via a small white hand worked cable car (visible in the picture by following the line of electric poles)!
As we headed back from the light we came across this very large old summer "cottage" and, again, we could picture the many happy families that have probably frolicked here through the years.
We ended the evening with a light dinner at the Lobster Cove restaurant sitting in a second floor window looking directly out over the beach....beautiful!
The tour will continue if Blogger allows!
Love and peace to all from this allergy ridden writer tonight!!


Retired English Teacher said...

This place is just incredible. I really would love to visit this area sometime. You had a great suite. I'm so glad you had this time together.

Anonymous said...

What a great tour!! And sooo pretty! Can't beat New England's coast line for beautiful old Inn's. Your room was very flowery!and very pretty!! How nice you and LM had time to get away together! Can't wait to see more!! ...debbie

Lois Evensen said...

What a beautiful area. It reminds me of the coast of Norway, too. Lovely images.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

thank you for the tour.
feel as though I was there
with you...