Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exploring We Went

The Dennis Conservation Lands....following the abandoned tracks of the old Cape Cod Railroad, we ended at a scenic lookout onto the Bass River. Along the way the scenery was full of wonder and surprises. Can you see the marsh visitor in the pictures below??  We were walking on a series of uplands sprinkled over the marshland of the Bass River.  This walk happened almost two months ago but I've been unable to download the photos. They are here now, after a fashion, and I am still unable to comment under the photos.

These red berries were so pretty in the starkness of a Cape Cod wintery day.

The Bass River.  There used to be a railroad bridge that crossed the river here.  It has been removed as rail service ended out this far years ago.

On the way back....

After the walk we went to LM's favorite fishing beach at West Dennis. The long black pipe you see is bringing sand to replenish the beach.  It was dredged from the mouth of the Bass River.  The sea gulls were having such fun that day and the one on the post was waiting for us to throw him a scrap. Wishful thinking!

Well, finally you got to go on that special Sunday outing with us. Sorry it took so long.
I cannot believe it is almost Friday....after being apart for almost 2 weeks, LM and I get to spend the weekend together. Cannot wait, and Ms G will be there, too, of course.


Linda said...

Wow, two weeks is a long time. Hope the three of you have a wonderful and relaxing week-end.

Retired English Teacher said...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!! 2 weeks!! It should be a great reunion then!! Ms G will be very glad to see you!! Even when I'm gone for a whole day Barney runs up with his tail straight and meows his hello's!! It looks very wintery on your walk. Our leaves are nearly out full tilt. Very green here!! Give my best to LM and Ms G. Barney is nuts this morning...debbie