Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Sun

I do admit, first off, that 4 days of cold, dark and sometimes rainy days, befitted my mood this week!  Just now some rays of sun have broken through, and I physically felt the uplifting effects with sheer gratitude.

I have just come back from a second 2+ weeks of time spent with my brother, Ev and his wife in Baltimore.  This second trip brought me home with new hope that we may see the possibility of remission  Acute Myeloid Leukemia is a force to be reckoned with, and we are so blessed to have an amazing team at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Research Center in out corner.  Currently, Ev is stronger than he has been in awhile.  He has continued on chemo, while receiving many infusions of platelets and red blood cells to keep him strong enough to endure what lies ahead.  Monday saw the beginning of a 28 day protocol of 2 chemos and infusions. This will be followed up, hopefully, by radiation, and culminate in a bone marrow transplant.  Ev is now able to drive himself to and from the hospital, which is a great relief for wife, Jenni. My time was spent helping with driving, cooking, shopping, and just general support to keep their lives afloat during this tense time.  At any given moment the leukemia could blast its way through the effects of the treatment and end the progress. So far, so good. We are bolstered everyday by the amazing support, and love from friends and family, and most of all, by Ev's ability to remain very positive, that this will all work, to bring him into a full  and vibrant life ahead.

Meanwhile, it was lovely to be south of here where Spring was bursting forth with green leaves and cherry blossoms!
 Cheerful Daffodil faces from Ev and Jenni's garden
 Ev's, Ms Lucy caught in a yawn!
 A lovely sweater was being knit during my visit....mohair.
 Johns Hopkins hospital alit with cherry blossoms
 JH cherry blossoms

 Cherry blossoms in Druid Hill Park, Baltimore on Ev's first day of driving.
Druid Hill Park
Coming home to the brownness of Winter still clinging, added to the doldrums and sadness of leaving Ev, but I came home to loving arms and lots of purring.  My beloved LM was waiting at the airport for me to fall in to his longed-for arms, and he delivered me safely home to my waiting Jason, Alison and Teddy!! I missed them all so much.
 Just off the plane in Providence, LM and I enjoyed a lovely and delicious evening at 
Turk's Seafood Restaurant in Mattapoisett, MA on the way home. There may or may not have been some Makers Mark consumed. 
 Baked scrod perfection
 Fried clams and sea scallops. Dreamy!
….and when I finally got into bed, this darling boy was waiting to cuddle his Nana. Sweetness!

Taking a walk through our garden, looking closely, I can see the earth bringing the promise of great beauty.  On Ev's last visit here in June of 2018, he brought, from his amazing garden, a lilac sapling, and a large tree peony, already living in his rich mulch, and I was thrilled to see them with new life this week.  Renewal!!

Teddy is having a great 4th grade, and is reveling in being chosen to sing a solo and portray Aladdin in a coming All Star Revue event. We are busy with voice lessons and rehearsals for the next 2 months.

The sun is now intermittent, as will be emotions in the coming months, and we hold strong to our underpinnings from nature and faith to buoy us on the journey.

Stay tuned for more photos from my time in Baltimore.....

Scatter love and  smiles as you go!!💚

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