Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Privet Time

Everywhere we go these warm and humid July days, the air is filled with the scent of Privet.
Yesterday, I spent a nice day with neighbor, Peg, and it is her favorite scent, too.  After cruising a few of our favorite thrift and consignment shops, we took a drive over to Marion, on what is called the Massachusetts South Coast.  It is a classically beautiful New England coastal town, and there seemed to be Privet hedges at every house we passed.  After a nice tour through the area....known well by Peg, as her daughter is renting a home there on the water for the summer, we came back to Wareham and had a little waterfront lunch to catch up on our lives, laughing and commiserating - there is nothing like a good friend.

Teddy is off to camp for the day, and I am about to go to the gym, followed by a grocery trip.  I've promised myself I will come home and read this afternoon.  Have a good book going with some interesting New England history, "The House at Lobster Cove," by Jane Goodrich.

I will leave you with a beautiful Cape Cod sunset captured by my love, LM, on 4th of July, evening in Yarmouthport on Mill Creek.

Peace, smiles and love!


Judy said...

Privet Hedges remind me of olden times. My ancestor's always seemed to have them by the outbuildings. I have 4 bushes under my living room and bedroom windows, so I get the scent in the house too.
What a lovely day you had with Peg.

Sally Wessely said...

I have been a missing person in bloggerland. I so miss reading your news, so it was good to see this post.

Privet doesn't grow around here. I wish it did. It sound heavenly.

The book sounds interesting. You'll have to let us know what you think.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous sunset. I caught up with my friend named Peg last week;)