Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tea Parties, Stair Bowling, and Tug Boats

It is a very dark and dreary, rainy Saturday  morning at LM's house. Ms G is curled in a tight soft ball while we are slowly getting ready to go out for some errands. My kind of morning, and how lovely it is to be back in my usual routine of weekends at LM's house!  My new knee is now sturdy, well settled in place, and my walking has begun to return to normal. For a while there, my legs were tripping over each other, as they adjusted to a completely new gait and both being straight. 


Granddaughter Samantha's 8th birthday was on March 1, and we finally got to celebrate it with a little tea party last Sunday afternoon. Teddy presided over the festivities, including all the decoration and inventing a new game to be played with his supervision! 

Here is the proud and very efficient party planner!!  Note the ladder....a new house is going up next door, and the ladder provides the perfect perch for observation by our resident "sidewalk" supervisor.
Alison and Sara planned a trip to the "Y" pool before the party. Below, Alison presenting Samantha with a new swim suit. They had a fantastic time at the pool. Teddy making sure his little stuffed owl, Owwy, gets in the photo!

In preparation for his new game, Teddy lined up all his little stuffed animals on the living room windowsill. When the game was about to start, the players were given instructions to pick one animal to be used in "Stair Bowling".......Teddy likes nothing better than organizing events and making sure everyone follows the rules he invents. 
LM picks the little gray squirrel, and Teddy and Samantha launch the game by throwing their animal up the stairs and keeping score by which stair their respective animal settles on. In the morning, T had carefully placed a numbered card on each step.  There was quite a bit of ruckus, for the duration of this grand event, and LM, with his adorable squirrel, emerged the winner. Not quite sure how the other participants took that news, but there appeared to be no riots following the announcement, so everyone happily came to the table for the tea.

Samantha gazing at the cake made by "Nana"
Pouring "tea"
Opening some gifts.....a simple day but one the kids really enjoyed.
My days often take me out to find a place to walk, as I need to exercise my new knee quite a bit. One day last week,  found me in my old stomping grounds near Town Neck in Sandwich.  This poor beach has been ravaged by the storms of this winter. It is mostly rocks now and off to the left of this picture there are homes hanging on the edge.Winter 2015 has taken a heavy toll. Straight ahead is the East end of the Cape Cod Canal at Cape Cod Bay. Just as I pulled up, I could see a tug boat approaching.

I drove around to the canal so I could get this shot of the tug....appearing to be brand new and sleek, passing by the Sandwich Marina. I live just across the canal from this point, and so enjoy being able to hear the horns of the many boats that pass through this area. There is also a train that runs along the canal, and those horns are heard several times a day.  Just some of life's simple pleasures and interesting moments.

Otherwise, I am back to doing a bit of creating....knitting washcloths, and beginning work on a new quilt.  It feels like I am re-making my life, and almost seems a bit wobbly as I realize that I am newly strong and able to do so much more than I have for many years. We shall see where this leads me.....there may be a trip coming to Canada in May, and who knows what other wonderful adventures there will be.

Love to all and may you soon be surrounded by the beauty of Spring flowers!!


Retired English Teacher said...

What great news. I'm so happy you are not only settling into your new life, but you are also becoming strong and well after so much illness last year and your surgery this year.

It is heartbreaking to read of the damage to that beautiful part of the world by this past winter's storms. I bet none of you have ever been happier to see spring.

Bella Rum said...

I'm a first time commenter. I found your blog a few days ago.

Teddy came up with a great game. It's great when kids create their own fun, isn't it?

I know what you mean about the pleasure of hearing the boat horns and the train. We are in the very begging process of moving, and I will miss the the train whistle that we hear here.

I'll be back.
Bella Rum