Sunday, July 8, 2012

More of June and a Bob Update

The last two weeks of June were very busy, and one of our journeys was to visit my brother, Sam, his wife, Trish, and their dear Bob.  Just several days earlier, as I wrote previously, Bob suffered heart failure and his life span is unknown, thus we were anxious to see our dear "nephew."  He is at home, one hind leg paralyzed, and on many heart drugs.  He seems to be holding his own, and is back to catching chipmunks and lounging in the beautiful garden.  Jason, Alison and Teddy were joining us to visit that day, as well. 

 Sam and Trish's lovely living room and tucked in the corner is a piano that caught Teddy's attention, so his great uncle, Sam, was kind enough to get him started.  Some interesting music resulted! 

 The buttons held great curiousity!
 Bob resting in the front hall
Ttrish has a beautiful aquatic garden just off the deck, and LM and Teddy had great fun spotting all the resident frogs.  All her amazingly large koi were recently consumed by a great blue heron. Very sad!
 They have a screened in dining area on the deck, and as we enjoyed a lovely early dinner, Bob slowly made his way out to be near us.

 When we were finished, trish tucked Bob in to his bed and held him on her lap so he could join us.  They are so heartbroken at the thought of losing this very special cat, and are making his every moment special and full of love.
 Teddy, in his Chatham shark shirt, gently made his way over to offer Bob some love. (There are great white sharks swimming around in Chatham waters these days, as they have been doing every summer for awhile.  Shark mania is at fever pitch right now.  They are just here doing what sharks do, looking for food, and dining on our more than ample supply of seals).

Somewhere in the middle was Father's Day, and what a perfectly beautiful day we had to celebrate the wonderful father, LM!  We picked up his girls and were off to spend the day in Provincetown.  Our first destination was the guest of honor's favorite restaurant in town, The Lobster Pot.
 LM, Meg and Kristi at lunch.  The place was so busy and I swear we got the best seat in the house by a window looking out over the harbor, with a heavenly breeze.
 Our view

My love and I!

After a delicious lunch - LM enjoyed perfect baked flounder, Meg, a lobster pie, Kristi fried clams, and I had my usual lobster-avocado cocktail with mango sauce.  A work of art that I carelessly consumed without a photo! 

We next set out to walk through the teeming and fun streets of town.  First stop was to visit dear friends, Herb and Kevin (Kevin used to be a member of the architectural staff in my office).  They have owned an interior design and home decor business, Shor, in P-Town for a few years and this year, bought one of the town's most beautiful buildings and moved their shop. It is exquisite and we enjoyed a lovely tour.
 Mr fish found the perfect place for a photo op. He would have taken the sculture home if it had not been tightly secured to its spot!
 We had such fun people watching.....
 There were street performers everywhere and we were enthralled by the dancing of the 2011 Same Sex Ballroom Dance Champions. They were in-town raising money to compete in the internationl championships in Europe later this year.  They are amazing, and FUN.  You never know who you will see on the streets, and I went into ga-ga mode when I came face to face, and within arm's length of the famous director and writer, John Waters (Hairspray, Crybaby).  He was right beside us on his bike.  He was in town for the P-Town Film Festival which he helped found, and he has a home in town, as well.
 After lots of fun and shopping we slowly made our way back to the car parked on the main pier, and stopped for a few photos.....

 The following Thursday, LM and I were honored to attend his daughter, Meaghan's graduation from nursing school.  Meg has worked so hard to get through this program, and her goal now is to go on for her BSN.  The obstacles she has faced would have taken me out years ago.

Meg receives her nursing pin.

This is a photo of Bob taken this week...relaxing on the back deck after a chipmunk catching session.  bright spirit!
 On the very last day of June, my beautiful daughter, Anne, turned 49!! She is such an inspriation to me everyday, and I am proud to consider her one of my dearest friends. Love those shoes!
We are laying low in the heat here, but consider ourselves so fortunate compared to those suffering so from storms, fires and other challenges.

Sending love and relative coolness to all!


Linda said...

What a nice report on your life. I enjoyed reading every word of it. The pictures were delightful and so helpful to those of us far away. I grieve for Bob. I miss our old cat so much. I'm a cat lover & hope someday to have another one.

Anonymous said...

It gave me tears to see Bob. He looks good, but knowing his days could be numbered and how sad Trish and her family will be, just makes me sad. I'm glad he's able to get around in his own way.

Did so enjoy all the family news and photographs!! Dinner sounded great, Happy Graduation for Meaghan, who's worked so hard. Glad to hear she's going to get her BSN. That is WONDERFUL!!! She will land a great job when she is all finished!!

LM looks content with his girls and his sweet Kitty!! And of course his fish sculpture!! lol

We just had another fierce storm and lost a second shutter. The wind is just unbelievable!! Next week is cooling off into the mid 80's yeaaa!!! ...debbie

Retired English Teacher said...

This was great newsy post. I hope Bob continues to get better.

I was struck by the view from the Lobster Pot in P-town. I would swear that is where my son and I ate lunch when we were there. I love that town. It is so much fun.

Congrats to LM's daughter on reaching her goal.

Finally, happy birthday wishes are sent to your lovely daughter. I love her shoes too. She is a beautiful girl.

judemiller1 said...

Congratulations to Meg!! Your daughter is gorgeous!!! Love P town--haen't been there in decades, but loved it then and want to go back. So sorry about Bob--I would just sit and hold him all day and night--I so love my purry furries!!!