Friday, March 23, 2012

A little visit with Teddy

I have a backlog of posts and came across this cute one of a little time with Teddy on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. Both his parents had to work, so LM and I headed over to spell Alison's Dad, Allen, who had been with Teddy all morning, including taking him to his gym class at the "Y"....when we arrived Teddy was sound asleep, but he soon woke, happy to see Nana and Woo, and then wanted his lunch. The first two pics were taken while he was enjoying a delicious healthy lunch prepared by his Mom.
Next he was on to trying to con Woo out of his cell phone. As you can see, he was successful. Who can resist that face?  There's also a little glimpse of Sting in the background. He'd emerged from a long winter's nap upstairs to say a quick hello, but he does not linger long in Teddy's presence, as he knows he will be under "attack"

That look is directed straight into Woo's eyes, as he manages to hear sounds and a voice from the cell phone. Nana was calling! 
Just a little glimpse into a fun few hours with our dear Teddy. His Mom and Dad were home in what seemed like a flash!  


Linda said...

What fun. A few hours to enjoy a grandchild can be very special for both the grandchild and the grandparents. Glad you had some of that time.

judemiller1 said...

Grandchildren--especially little ones--I could just hug them so hard and long and pbttt under their necks forever!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how tall he is!! Good grif. Wonder why kids love phones!! Madison and Reilly are still like that. Cute photos...debbie

Anonymous said...

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