Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Send help now....my people went away for more than two weeks and I had to go and stay with my feline cousins, Sting and Ray and their parents, Jason and Alison. Almost the entire time I stayed inside a hammock I made in the boxspring cover in their guest room. Sting and Ray ate my treats and I was too scared to eat much at all. FINALLY, my people came back to get me and had to shake the bed to scare me out of the boxspring....I did get in a corner where my Mum was able to grab me up quickly and, horrors of horrors, she put me in the carrier. That could only mean one thing....a ride in the dreaded car...my dear LM did hold the carrier in his lap and spoke lovingly to me (I did not respond to his touches!) while Mum drove and I almost made it home without throwing up, almost, I said.
When I was finally released from my prison, I quickly jumped out and ran to hide under the bed. After an hour or so, I finally got to eat some of my favorite treats, and THEN, my people went out for 6 hours and left me alone AGAIN. They went to watch the Patriots play football, can you imagine that??? Well, when they got home, they had a big debt to pay, and pay they did. Of course, they were exhausted after the long trip and just wanted to sleep but I needed a lot of love to make up for the abandonment so I saw to it that they did not sleep one minute all night...I purred my loudest, I patted their faces and hands, I dug under the covers and cuddled with all my might...LM is the best and he gave me so much wonderful love and I was finally beginning to get happy and safe again, and they went out AGAIN. Mum came back later and I have been forcing her to give me love ever since....alas, she has a cold and now I am giving her lots of love...last night I threw my body against hers and stayed as close as I could all night.
All is forgiven now....I love my Mummy and LM!
More trip news and pictures when the cold is gone.

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islaygirl said...

Feel better soon! I'm sure you will if Ms. Graysea has anything to say about it.